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You ever get tired of dealing with bullshit? How about other people's bullshit? Actually, don't you just get tired of other people? Because you'd definitely start if all your interactions with them suddenly came down to "Hey, I need you to do some fucking shit I don't wanna do."

My name's Flin Paltwell, and this is the story about how I got forced into helping random people deal with that awful, whirling maelstrom of bullshit we all like to call "Life." See, I had one of those not too long ago. A life, I mean. I had a house, a job,  a plan, and a girlfriend whom I'd still very much like to marry.

Then I, you know, FUCKING DIED, discovered that demons were apparently real, and got offered the chance to come back to life by a particularly desperate one. But the price? I have to serve him for an entire year, which means serving the people who sign contracts with him.

So what's on the menu today? Will I get summoned by James, the high school student who's having bully issues? Or does Stella and her struggling rock band need me to set up all their equipment for a gig? Maybe the firefighter Brenda will send me into a fire-filled fucking hellscape to try to rescue someone!

...It's not all bad, though. I'm learning how to do all sorts of crazy things, and as much as I hate the work, it feels good to help people. Plus, some of the people who summon me really aren't so bad, and I daresay there's a thing or two I can learn from them about what it really means to not only help someone, but to be a good friend.

Over 61,000 words, 380 images, and 26 background songs, all made by one crazy motherfucker. About 3 hours are complete, representing roughly the first 15% of the story. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: Summoned contains quite a bit of explicit language.


Summoned-1.1.0-pc.zip 270 MB
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